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US history 2 Essay

 In this essay, your topic is a discussion of the question, “ How Does History Actually Repeat Itself”? .You must provide at least three examples. The essay  will have a 100 point value and will be graded based on specific content provided in response to the questions asked. There is no particular length required; it […]

choose a topic and create a research plan

Goal: The goal of this assignment is to choose a topic and create a research plan that will contribute to the Week 7 Field of Study Project.  Description:  In the Week 1 and Week 2 Lessons, we have read about two steps of the BIG6 model: task definition and information seeking strategies (CO1 & 2). As […]


Attached is my first draft however it is totally incorrect. My use ofarrows are not the same, I have no swim lanes, and my flow is not togood, and I must take out the words start and end and use the beginingof the flow. also i spelled a few words wrong. It basically needs tobe […]

Prudent level of debt | Business & Finance homework help

All papers are done in APA format Minimum 3 – 5 pages of content, cover page, reference page with citations in writings. Research “prudent level of debt” for one of the following companies: Hershey Foods, Verizon, AT &T or EG&G. Discuss how a prudent level of debt will protect companies from financial distress and ensure […]

week 2 reading questions

I need TWO PARAGRAPHS for each answer !   Chapter 4   1. What role did family play in Roman society?  How was family a part of their system of values?     2. What were some of the unintended consequences of Rome’s victories over foreign peoples?     Chapter 5   3. How did […]

Asian Americans (& Pacific Islanders) have been labeled and treated socially, politically, culturally and legally as “the perpetual foreigners.”

What role has “race,”  “ethnicity,” and “pan-ethnicity” played in the lives of Asian Americans (and Pacific Islanders) and in perpetuating this notion that Asian Americans (and Pacific Islanders) are “perpetual foreigners.”  Provide at least two historical instances *and* two legal cases that illustrate and concretize the perpetual foreigner status of Asian Americans (& Pacific Islanders). […]

Warriors in environmental activism | Environmental science homework help

 Research and find an example of an environmental activist and how they worked toward conservation or preservation of a natural resource.  Discuss how you feel about this type of activism, and if you believe it is a valid environmental concern today.  Explain your reasoning. 

Organizational Health Report

Description Competencies Evaluate organizational behavior and leadership theories and practices to enhance individual and organizational performance. Analyze the impact of individual human behavior on employee engagement. Evaluate leadership practices that support organizational effectiveness. Implement leadership strategies for managing group dynamics. Evaluate the relationship among individuals, teams, and the organization and its impact on organizational performance. […]

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