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You will have to complete a Black Culture Project that is worth up to 100- points. In completing your Presentation, you will select a work of literature, poetry, music, or some other cultural work or form created or popularized from the colonial period to the end of the Reconstruction period (1619-1977). You will present that cultural work and compare it to a work of black culture created within YOUR lifetime. The works do not have to share a form (i.e. a poem can be compared to a song; a painting can be compared to a sculpture, etc.). In presenting the works, you will need to provide a little bit of background information on your chosen works (i.e. when where the works created; who created them or made them famous; and, what impact did the works have on the cultural landscape when and since they first appeared?). You will also have to briefly explain why you made those particular selections, and explain what you think each work tells people about congruencies and/or changes in the African-American experience from those eras. Create a


project that your cohorts and will find both impressive and informative. The more creative, interesting, organized, and informative your presentation is the higher your grade will be. If your presentation is disorganized, bland, and unimaginative, you should not expect a stellar grade.

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