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All assignments must be at least 5 pages, not including the cover page and table of contents, and must be in current Turabian format. Each assignment must include a bibliography with a minimum of 5 scholarly sources, which can include the course textbooks. 

Written Assignment 3 – Disciple-Making in the Local Church

For this assignment, you will give a detailed description of how disciples are made in the context of the local church and a Christian community. Give an overview of the body of Christ and discuss what the model of your church is based upon the TAHO chart (found in the Reading & Study of Module/Week 4). Assess your church or ministry based on the healthy church assessment and identify the strong and weak areas with suggestions on how to improve. Detail the role and importance of the local church, pastor, saints, and spiritual gifts in God’s plan for being and making disciples, using Scripture and other scholarly sources to support your arguments.

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