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In this assignment, which will be developed over the period of time covering Modules 5 through 8, you will develop a case study about YOU and your development regarding decision making. You will read specific chapters from the Kyle book in each module as well as other professional articles and case studies. You will add to your case study journal each week by responding to the readings according to the chart below. 

Module Five Introduction – Recall a   time when you have had to make an important decision – personal or   professional.  At this point, do you view that decision as a good one or   a not-so-good one?  Why?  How could you have improved the decision-making   process at that point?  How important is effective decision making in   your personal and/or professional life now?    Chapter 1 – Know   Thyself: The Power of a Decision Journal Share your first reaction about the   idea of using a decision journal to assist in making better decisions.    Remember there are no right or wrong responses; this case study is about   YOU.  Are you feeling like a decision journal may help you to become a   better decision maker?  Why or why not?   Chapter 2 – Own Your   Power: Embrace Your Decision-Making Responsibility Write about one decision   where you didn’t take responsibility.  What happened?  What was   your role? Why didn’t you take responsibility?  What would you do   differently now?  


Module Six   Chapter 3 – Overcome   Obstacles: Break Down Barriers to Making Good Decisions List three decisions   that you made in the past that did not have good outcomes.  For each of   these decisions, what barriers discussed in chapter 3 affected your decision   making?   Chapter 4 – Mind Your Thoughts: Intelligently Prepare Your   Mind to Make Better Choices Take a look at the list of mental models in   Appendix C of the Kyle book.  Pick out three models you would like to   understand better.  In a brief paragraph about each, describe your   current understanding of the model and why (or how) you believe the use of   this mental model would help to improve your decision making.   


Module Seven Chapter 5 – Know What You   Know: Leverage Your Circle of Competence   Describe the circle of   competence that you need to be an effective decision maker in your current   leadership role – or in the leadership role that you envision for yourself   when you complete this degree.  Describe three steps you will take to   broaden your circle of competence in your organization or department?     Chapter 6 – Just Do It: Find a Process and Use it Consistently After   reviewing the four decision processes described by Kyle in Chapter 6, choose   the one process that you think would work the best for you in making sound   decisions.  Or feel free to choose two processes to combine in a way   that makes sense for you. Explain why you think the steps in this process   will work best for you. Explain how you expect to utilize the process the   next time you have to make a decision at work.


Module Eight   Chapter 7 – Look   Back: Evaluate and Improve Your Decisions Chapter 8 – Make Time: Be Patient   and Find Focus Answer ONE of the following two questions: What decision have   you made recently that had a bad process but a good outcome? What decision   have you made recently that had a good process but a bad outcome?     Chapter 9 – Conclusion: Know Yourself, Improve Your Decisions How to you   think your decision making has improved in the process of reading the Kyle   book?  


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