Architecture and Design


a paper proposal is due. This assignment is one page in length and must include at least THREE bibliographic sources. Books or articles are mandatory as well as any online sources you may care to include. IMPROVE THE LEVEL OF WORK PLZ

“What stopped the historical allusions from being a game of mere quotation was the forceful expression of ideas in an abstract form brought alive by the tectonic emphasis of structure.”

the question was taken from the textbook and i have higligthed it in pink. the chapter should help with the essay need at least 3 refernce and the quality and depth of your thinking which will be reflected in how well you structure your answers and the appropriateness of your use of references. 

residential complex

residential complex goals: Keep the place safer Parking issues resolved One entrance to make the place more quietly put make More privacy for the family to have a health club and spaces for children

Art Formal Analysis

REQUIREMENTS • Inclusion of all levels ofanalysis(description, analysis, interpretation, and judgment) • 4 paragraphs or more (3-5 sentences each) • 12-point font • Double-spaced • Proper MLA format for citations • At least 1 scholarly source from the library must be used and cited • Include a clear image of the artwork you are discussing • Include your […]

Art 1301

It is museum assignment I have already choose a artwork you have to do visual analysis using visual element. You have to write 3 pages paper.  Format: times roman , 10 pts , double spaced. you have to talk about art using visual elements. who  is expert in art can only perferred/

Topic: Software Architecture and Product Lines for Mobile Applications. Please use the template and references for Software Architecture I enclosed in the files. And you need to

Hi, I enclosed the file that has the instructions for the paper. Topic: Software Architecture and Product Lines for Mobile Applications.  Please use the template and references for Software Architecture I enclosed in the files. And you need to pick the 3 references for Product Line as instructed. Please use diagrams and case studies if […]


These responses must be two pages in length, and should be double-spaced with 12-point font. Responses should consist of a summary of at least two to three main arguments from each assigned text, as well as a scholarly analysis of their content. No personal opinion pieces, please.

Write 13 complete sentences to justify your opinions/reactions

Go to the Discussion Board and complete the optional assignment under Unit 8 Extra Credit (“Readymades”). Some people do not consider Readymades to be art.  Do you believe they are?  Why or why not? 1. Refer to page 412, which provides an example of this art form. 2. Write at least 13 complete sentences in order to justify your opinion/reactions. These websites […]

Visual Art Analysis Paper

You will select and write a paper about a work of art from the Gateway text or an image on any PowerPoint on Blackboard ( Palmer Hayden, Midsummer Night in Harlem, Page 185) .  Provide the artist’s name, title of the artwork and page number. If the image was on a PowerPoint, provide the chapter […]



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