Computer Science

Probability. Question 2: Sampling

#1 Probability. Please provide a spreadsheet and show work. A survey of 200 college graduates who have been working for at least 3 years found that 90 owned only mutual funds, 20 owned only stocks, and 70 owned both. What is the probability that an individual owns a stock? A mutual fund? What is the […]

Network scenario

Me 10/15/2016 18:50:18  Learning Team Instructions: Wireless Design Project Not completed (TASK) Task Scenario: Your team is hired by a start-up Internet firm to build a hybrid wired/wireless network from the ground up. They are moving into an empty 2-story, 2000 square-foot office with no set configuration, although they are bringing with them 2 servers, a router, […]

Design a system diagram

Configuration Scenario Using the Configuration Scenario Instructions, create a 1-page Systems Diagram in Microsoft Visio®, or another diagramming tool, that shows the technical networking and server landscape of Ray’s Food. Use the following scenario for the Week One through Five individual assignments: Ray’s Food is a small independent grocer operating three grocery outlets throughout the city of Seattle, […]


This research paper will focus on issues and concerns with Patch Management.  With the advent of many types of software and systems, patch management is major nightmare.  Patching the system may cause the system to crash, and not patching it can leave it vulnerable to attacks.  Please research the issues and concerns with patch management […]

Case study Information Technology

Case Study – Director’s Requirements Your office has outgrown its old desktop machines and is in the market for new PCs, but would like some guidance on what to purchase. The Director wants to ensure that the office obtains PC machines that meet the requirements stated below. You, as an employee of a small educational […]

Database table

Part A: Write a 500-1000 word paper using Word discussing two of the additional DBA responsibilities mentioned briefly at the end of Chapter 6 under the “Additional DBA Responsibilities” heading. Use at least two sources outside your text for this paper. Do not use Wikipedia. Use APA format for the paper, and be sure to […]

dvantage of excellent marks

dvantage of excellent marks

Individual: Visual Logic®: Choice and Iteration

Select two tasks a program could perform that would be useful to a small business. Each task must include the following: A conditional step Some form of iteration Example tasks include the following: Entering a number of items and calculating sales tax on a sale; include a step offering a warranty for each item Converting […]


Database Applications SQL Q&A and Hands-On Please include the questions with your answers. Answer in complete sentences where applicable. Does all standard SQL work in Microsoft Access? Explain. List and describe the four basic SQL data types. List and describe five SQL built-in functions. The best way to learn SQL is by actually using it. […]

BISI Object-Oriented Programming

Hello i have homework in BISI which is due Monday , the program will be in the( Visual studio) program . thx

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