Environmental Science


Identify two categories of street drugs; provide at least two examples of each and the toxicity related to each. Your response should between 200-250 words in length. Reference: Richards, I. S., & Bourgeois, M. M. (2014). Principles and practice of toxicology in public health (2nd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett. The reference is there […]

Review Questions

4 Chapters and 4 questions and 1 discussion question . Each question has 2 parts Main Answer and Your Observations. the last page is the Discussion question. Please complete on the word document provided.

unit 2

Unit II Project Develop a one- to two-page fire inspection form for commercial occupancies. Keep in mind, these type of structures will most likely have some sort of fire protection system such as a fire alarm or sprinkler system. Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below. Unit II Research […]


This chapter focuses on family and you will first attach a drawing of your family and then answer the questions below.  You will also need to read this article to answer some of the questions:  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/family/raise-worlds-happiest-children-time-went-dutch/ Drawing/Diagram (not a photograph) of your family:  Make sure to attach a file – you can draw this and then […]

Write to address all the questions posted, providing sound economic intuition and discussion

Write to address all the questions posted, providing sound economic intuition and discussion for both one and two. each one has to be answerd in  a well articled paragrapgh. 1) We discussed biofuel production from corn as an application of the perfect competition model.  Growing crops that provide biofuels without significantly affecting food production requires a […]

Kim Wizard

In Autry Chapter 5 the authors talk about “bending the chain”.  To what are they referring? Give a possible example?…Please write a full one page paper 

Access to Environmental Quality

LP1 Assignment: Access to Environmental Quality This assignment will assess competency 1. Examine the role that Environmental Science plays in a modern society. Directions: In the United States, some scientists, sociologists, and politicians propose that the access to environmental quality is not evenly distributed across the socioeconomic classes. In 2005, when Hurricane Katrina hit the […]

Common Ownership/Sustainable Use

This assignment will assess competency 2. Analyze environmental risks and how to evaluate risk vs gain and 3. Examine how energy and matter are conserved in the environment. Directions: The book talks about the problem of common ownership and exploitation of resources. Think about how common ownership in the oceans impacts their quality and health. […]

Invasive Species

LP3 Assignment: Invasive Species This assignment will assess competency 4. Analyze an ecosystem and the interactions between the components that make up an ecosystem. Directions: Reread page 143 “Limiting Factors.” Respond to the following prompts: Describe the characteristics of an invasive species. Research and provide a short summary of an invasive species that you find […]

Oil and Ethanol

LP4 Assignment: Oil and Ethanol This assignment will assess competency 6. Analyze the historical role of energy and how it has changed over time and 7. Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of nonrenewable and renewable energy. Directions: Complete the following Issues and Analysis Activities: Drilling for Oil in the Deep Water on page […]

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