1  When Apple introduced iTunes, a new market was opened. Which of the following describes this type of innovation? Value capture  Value chain Presence  Operational excellence  2  During the holidays, companies often provide gifts to customers. The more a client spends, the larger the gift, usually. To segment customers in this way, for what purpose […]

Introducing a New Product to the Market

Option #1: Introducing a New Product to the Market Put yourself in the position of an entrepreneur who is developing a new product or service to introduce into the market. Briefly describe the product. Then develop the segmentation, targeting, and positioning strategy for marketing the new product. Be sure to discuss: The overall strategy; why segmenting, […]


1. What is the second stage of the consumer buying process? Purchase decision Buyer satisfaction Information search Evaluation of alternatives 2. Which of the following is used to determine a competitive frame of reference for brands to compete against other brands due to their closeness as substitutes? Market membership Product membership Category membership Industry membership […]

Logo color adjustment “needed in 30 minutes”

I just want adjust the colors of the attached “New Logo.”  On the left I want it GREEN, in the middle BLACK and the right RED. (Same shades of the uploaded flag) And the circle around it with the word “Absoluto” and “Kuwait” in BLACK

Principles of Marketing

Assignment 1: B2C vs. B2B Buying Behavior We market to consumers differently than we do when we market to businesses. There are some marketing basics that are the same but there are also many differences. The decision to buy is derived in different ways and requires a whole different approach from marketers. In this assignment, […]


1. (TCO 1) In China, many people are removing their money from the state banks and lending it out themselves. The interest rate earned in a state bank account is about one half the rate of inflation. On the other hand, loaning money to friends, relatives, and even unrelated entrepreneurs can often earn the investor double […]

Marketing help

Hi  this is the assignment details: I want two pages with single space and I need it to include: a little summary about the company problem statement   break even alternative evaluation recommendation all of them with two pages 

3 pages COUNTRY MARKETING PRACTICES the country is saudi arabia

3 pages  COUNTRY MARKETING PRACTICES the country is saudi arabia , how these particular countries practice marketing, more specifically the 4P’s. The possible marketing issues that can be discussed and presented in class could include: advertisements, culture in detail (i.e. body language, eating manners, social interactions, aesthetic and moral values, peculiarities and curious behavior, jokes, […]

Critical Thinking 3 (MKG330)

Option 1: The Job Hunt Part 1: Locate and analyze two scholarly articles that contain information regarding career development in marketing. Compare the articles, being certain to notate key professional skills that would prove essential for your personal development in the career of your choice. In a 1- to 2-page, well-written paper, analyze how you […]

Marketing – Three Essay Questions Due in 3 hours!

1. (TCO 1) Discriminate between primary data and secondary data and their usefulness to business decision making, being sure to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each. Your response should also identify the typical sources for primary and secondary data and what you would rely on most heavily in making your marketing decisions. (Points : 30) […]

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