Center and Radius of a circle


word problems leading to quadratic equations

divide 29 into two parts so that the sum of the squares of the parts is 425.Find the value of each part?

Indefinite integration of special function in reality

What is the Exp(x)/cos(x) integration in the reality boundary?

STAT 300 – Fall 2016 – Assignment

DEPARTMENT OF STATISTICS, THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA STAT 300 – Fall 2016 – Assignment # 2 (Answers need to be accompanied by the cover sheet provided in the course website.) (1) (18 marks) Read the first three sections of the following article: Ma-Kellams, C. and Blascovich, J. (2012): Enjoying life in the face of […]

ratio tables

how do u use ratio tables

Proving set with nth root

A set S with the operation * is an Abelian group if the following five properties are shown to be true: ●  closure property: For all r and t in S, r*t is also in S ●  commutative property: For all r and t in S, r*t=t*r ●  identity property: There exists an element e in S so that for every s in S, s*e=s ●  inverse property: For every s in S, there exists an element x in S so that s*x=e ●  associative property: For every q, r, and t in S, q*(r*t)=(q*r)*t A.  Prove that the […]

Integral Domain proof

An integral domain Z is a ring for the operations + and * with three additional properties: 1.  The commutative property of *: For any elements x and y in Z, x*y=y*x. 2.  The unity property: There is an element 1 in Z that is the identity for *, meaning for any z in Z, z*1=z. Also, 1 has to be shown to be different from the identity of +. 3.  The […]

Can someone deliver A on Case Study 2 for Math510 Business Statistics

Can you complete Case Study 2 for me? This is for Math510 Business Statics. Please follow directions clearly. Answer questions, include table and graph. Respond once you have read directions.

multiplication of signals and results

Why plus into minus is equal to minus 

2x + 3b = 

2x + 3b =

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