Strayer Phil210 week 7 quiz 2

Question  Question 1 Every member of the Delta Club is over 70 years old. Therefore, the Delta Club must be over 70 years old. Answer  Ignorance Composition Authority Circular reasoning 5 points Question 2 The idea that black people in this country live in poverty is ridiculous. Look at Bill Cosby. He’s a millionaire. And […]

Analyze the case according to Kant’s Ethics, part

Analyze the case according to Kant’s Ethics, particularly the concepts of universalizability and respect for persons. For example, what moral duties are involved in the case? Is acting for the sake of one’s duty all that matters or should one consider the potential consequences of one’s actions as well? Your explanations should have reasons that […]

A Definition of Critical Thinking

A definition of critical thinking A description of the steps in the critical-thinking process A summary of your blind spot and preferred ethical lens from the Ethical Lens Inventory An explanation of how your personal ethics influences your decision-making An explanation of how ethics apply to professional and societal responsibilities

Living religions

Question 1 Describe the purpose of ecumenical services and interfaith initiatives. What importance, if any, does dialogue between the various faith traditions have? 150 words Question 2 Syncretism is defined in text book Fisher, M. P.  2013 (9th ed.). Living religions as a combination of normally differing beliefs. This can mean the combination of religious […]

Argumentative Essays – Augustine Concern with Showing the Compatibility between Politics and Christianity

Philosophy Augustine is concerned with showing the compatibility between politics and Christianity. Why is he concerned about this, and how does he try to reconcile the two? Do you think he is successful? Paper must be written well with sources from Augustine’s work to support the argument.

Assignment 1: Philosophy and the Human Good

Address the following in a three-page paper: Consider an ethical dilemma you or someone you know faced recently and analyze the possible resolutions considering the following: 1). How did you decide how to resolve the ethical dilemma? Did you focus on the possible consequences of various choices? Did you consider how your actions would affect […]

2. What does it mean to say that a culture is “

2. What does it mean to say that a culture is “mythopoetic”? What was the cultural significance of the ‘Tales” of Homer and Hesiod?

Book Review -Robinson, Randall, The Debt – What America Owes to Blacks

Philosophy Robinson, Randall, The Debt: What America Owes to Blacks, New York, Dutton Penguin Group, 2000. The review must consist of a summary of the principal points and sub-points of the book, a delineation of the structure of the book with concrete CITATIONS and REFERENCES. The review must also include a critical appraisal of the […]

what was Karl Jaspers’ Axial Period, and what i

what was Karl Jaspers’ Axial Period, and what is its significance in human intellectual history Name the three early Greek Milesians mentioned by Solomon, and briefly describe each thinker’s theory about the nature of the universe. In again referring to the three just-mentioned Milesian cosmologists, each of their respective arguments for a single factor, thing, […]

Locate the Premises and the conclusion in the art

Locate the Premises and the conclusion in the article the wrong ruling on vouchers.

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