Developing cultures worksheet | History homework help

Category: History

Worksheet attached. 


APA guidelines- Reference page and intext citations.


Use only peer reviewed/accredited resources


Part I: Timeline


Create a timeline for each of the following civilizations, listing any major events in the civilization’s history:


·        Greek

·        Hellenistic

·        Persian

·        Nubian

·        Ethiopian

·        Bantu

·        Steppe peoples


Youmay create your own timeline using Microsoft® Word or you may use any of the timeline creators online. However, if you use an online resource, you must provide a web link to the completed timelines or a screenshot of your timelines. You may also use the University of Phoenix Timeline Builder.
Part II: Cultural Contributions


Complete the following matrix with at least one element for each category.



Intellectual Contributions

Artistic Forms or Contributions


Religious Beliefs






































Steppe peoples






Part III: Short Answer Response


Write at least 350 words in which you describe the contact and cultural exchange among at least two of the following groups: Greeks, Persians, Egyptians, Indians, Nubians, and Ethiopians.



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