Essay for two part reading analyzation

Category: History

this assignment will consist of the three segments explored in this class: History, Arts, and Social Sciences. Using our final text, The Beast: Riding the Rails and Dodging Narcos, you will need to complete following two prompts:

1. The author of our text, Óscar Martínez, relies heavily on the use of location (such as Chiapas, Oaxaca, and Arizona) when writing about the migration experience. Using one of the chapters from our text as reference, write a short prose poem exploring themes and the location from that chapter. A prose poem does not feature line breaks but does feature symbols, metaphors, and other figures of speech common in poetry. For examples of prose poetry see Ars Poetica by José Olivarez and The Poetry Foundation

Your short poem should be between 250 – 500 words, written in complete lines, and should take into consideration ideas, objects, and concepts from your chosen chapter. Consider the perspective you are writing from, for example, are you writing from the perspective of the immigrant, the narco, some other observer, the border, the desert, the train, etc. 

2. The theme of violence is found throughout our text. In ashort essay, explore the ways in which violence is at the root of migration. Consider the ways in which violence is experienced differently during the migration journey depending on who the migrant is (man, woman, trans, child, adult, etc.). How has migration shifted during the Donald Trump era in comparison to when our writer wasdoing his reporting? What are the challenges that the most vulnerable migrants face during the migration journey?Finally, consider the following quote regarding the pornography of violence. 

Bourgois (2001) writes, “I feared contributing to a ‘pornography of violence’ that submerges the structural causes of urban destitution under lurid details of blood, aggression and gore. [Authors] risk contributing to a pornography of violence that reinforces negative perceptions of subordinated groups in the eyes of unsympathetic readers.” Does our text, The Beast, contribute to the pornography of violence? Why or why not?

Your double-spaced essay should be between 1300-1500 words. You should use The Beast as your main source but are welcome to include outside sources so long as you areciting them correctly. You will need to submit both prompts on a single document via ilearn using the Turnitin link that I will provide. You should include two separate titles, one title for your poem and another for the essay. You should also start your essay on a new page following your poem.

I will be checking plagiarizing score! Make sure to cite! 

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