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Independent Films

There are many different types of films out there.  I would like you to experience something different.  You need to watch at least 3 Indy films from the list below.  All films are located on Youtube or I have some embedding below.  These are very short, so please take a look at several different ones.

-Define Independent films or Indy Films and your experience watching them? 

-What is the difference between Indy Films and Hollywood blockbusters films?

-Can you think of any positive or negative things about Indy films.

Watch 3 Indy films from the list and

-What films did you watch.

-Of the 3 films did you see similarities or differences.

-Which did you enjoy and/or hate.  Explain

Film List

-Bartholomew’s Song (2005)

Lowell Frank and Destin Daniel Cretton, color, 11 minutes

-The Big Charade (2003)

Jesse McKeown, color, 5 minutes

-Death to the Tinman (2006) 

Ray Tintori, B&W, 12 minutes


Christopher Nolan, B/W, 3 minutes


Rock Candy, color, 10 minutes

-Kleingeld (1999)

Marc-Andreas Bochert, color, 15 minutes

-Gregory Goes Boom

Michael Cera, Color, 17 minutes

-Master Chef

Taitesh Batra, color, 8 minutes

-Two Cars, One Night (2003) 

Taika Cohen, B&W, 12 minutes-

A link for these short films are in course materials folder

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