Geography assignment: the hydrosphere assignment

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For this assignment, respond to the following prompt:

A. Provide commentary on the assigned documentary (“The Sea of Truth”). Do not summarize the film. I have seen it. I am interested in your thoughts and reaction. For example, did you learn anything?; was anything surprising?; can you relate to anything described in the film?; do you have any questions after watching the film?; is there something that needs clarification?; etc. Be as specific as you can so I know you watched the film in its entirety. 

B. Extra Credit Opportunity (optional; worth 2 points) – find and summarize (in your own words; additional 100 word minimum) a similar/related documentary that focuses on the hydrosphere. This must be appropriate for a physical geography course (i.e. scientific), at least 30 minutes, and discuss the recent (within the last 10 years) state of the ocean, glaciers, rivers, and/or other hydrosphere elements. Provide a link to the documentary (if possible) as well as the source/information (title, director, year, etc.). 

If you include any outside resources, be sure to cite them (including the text chapters) using MLA citation format. 

As always – be sure to use complete sentences and remember this is an academic assignment, not a tweet or text message – proper spelling and punctuation count! Your initial post should be a minimum of 200 words (excluding citations). See the rubric below for specifics on grading criteria. 


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