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Hello. Please help me to write:

1. Reaction paper .  I have attached 3 documents. The 1st one is “Reading Fiction”, 2nd ” Sample of Reaction Paper”, and 3rd one is ” Graduation”.

Please read them all , and complete reaction paper as described on the attached PDFs. Instruction for Sample Reaction Paper  is:  Discussed in the notes  are 6 elements of fiction: Tone, Plot, Characterization, Setting, Theme and Point of View. Choose one element (other than POV) and reflect on how Angelou uses it in her writing. Give specific examples and quotes from the text to show how she uses the element and its effect on the story. Be sure to quote correctly (using quotation marks and providing paragraph #s). Remember that reaction papers should be 1-2 pages, double-spaced. Also, in the Sample Paper is a brief sample of how to discuss one of the elements with examples from the text. The example discusses the use of point of view in the story.( PLEASE READ THEM CAREFULLY)

It`s a Literature course so everything in writing should be grammatically correct (very important)

2. Discussion.   Please read  “Graduation by Maya Angelou” and write a discussion paper.  Assignment:  What  does Angelou mean when she writes, “The white kids were going to have a  chance to become Galileos and Madame Curies and Edisons and Gaugins and  our boys (the girls weren’t even in on it) would try to be Jesse  Owenses and Joe Louises” (paragraph 40)? Should be 6-7 sentences. 

Academic Integrity.  Please keep in mind that  whenever you use someone else’s words—or their ideas,even if they are  expressed in your own words—you must give credit.This is true regardless  of where you find the words or ideas,whether it is a book,a magazine or  newspaper, television,or the Internet.This class will include  instruction on how to acknowledge your sources.Plagiarism,failing to  acknowledge sources or submitting someone else’s work as your own is a  serious offense.A plagiarized paper or test will receive a grade of F. 

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