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Choose ONE of the following questions to do a small amount of research and write about. Please put your answers into a short post, approximately 2 paragraphs long. Please cite your source(s) at the bottom of your post. All sources for this class should be cited in APA format. 

1. What events, discoveries, or inventions were probably the most significant in the development of microbiology and why? Do some research on microbiology discoveries, inventions, etc. and choose one that you think was particularly important.  Note: we’ve talked about several events/discoveries in chapter 1. Please choose a scientist, discovery, or invention that is NOTdiscussed in chapter 1. 

2. Infections with some microorganisms have been linked to various cancers, heart disease, etc. Please read the clinical connections box on pg. 13 in chapter 1. Then research and write about some organisms that are linked to cancers, heart diseases, or other diseases that we don’t generally think of as being caused by microbes. Please don’t use the diseases mentioned on pg. 13, rather use that as a starting point to find additional research.

3. Search the internet to find out about the field of environmental microbiology, food microbiology, and/or agricultural biology. Share what you have learned. You may share information about new, interesting research in those fields, a summary of what scientists in those fields do, the importance of those fields, examples of things that scientists do in those fields-basically anything interesting that you want to share. Examples of things that you might look for are how certain food products are made (yogurt, cheese, alcohol, bread, etc.), food safety, bioremediation, preventing infections in crops or livestock, etc. Remember this only needs to be about 2 paragraphs long. You don’t need to go into a lot of detail.

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