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RESEARCH TOPIC: Physical Development from Childhood Through Adolescence   

        Physical change is among the most freely visible of all the children growth domains. Parents detect weight and height and the progress of both gross and motor skills. It is thus critical to remember that it is possible that what we see physically parallels to the things we cannot see such as brain development. In every development situation, the brain support movement and exploration yet when movement and exploration happen it stimulates the development of brain including synaptogenesis and neurogenesis (Papalia, Diane E., Sally Wendkos Olds, & Ruth Duskin Feldman. 1990). Indeed, the brain of a child produces numerous connections that are more than an adult’s brain has in the end. Later, synaptic connections used by children get eliminated through a process called pruning.

            The role played by parents is quite essential during developmental domains and all physical developments are very critical. When parents bond with their kids, they establish a sense of being safe to explore and when children are given positive feedback, they are motivated to push harder and reach out even more. It is also important to guide children and support them when they are developing. On top of assisting children to develop specific skills, parents and all the involved parties need to support a healthy type of lifestyle for the children. Some of the best practices include ample sleep, having balanced diet, and exercising regularly (Simpkin, Andrew J., et al. 549-558).  Also teaching children on how to live a well and safe life at home is important. They also need regular medical checkups in order to maintain a healthy life.

            The importance of managing a child’s development to adolescent is to ensure that the kid is fit to enter the next stage of development in good condition and health. By doing this, a child will manage to stay healthy and live a happy and healthy life.  This topic is interesting as it supports healthy development of a child into adolescent.


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