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summary memos

Requested AR confirmations from management of ContinuityX and management refused to prepare and sign the confirmations. EFP Rotenberg spoke to people acting as employees of Internet Providers (companies that owed ContinutyX). Audit team failed to obtain sufficient evidence on AR existence. SEC states: âEFP Rotenberg and Bottini did not plan or perform procedures to obtain […]

Week-3 assignment regression vs classification

Regression and classification are categorized under the same umbrella of supervised machine learning.  For your assignment this week  1) Write a short paper  on the comparison and contrast between regression and classification methods.  Provide a formal definition for Regression and one for classification (20 point).  2) Using the require text Only, write an essay that discussed Two […]

SCI 256 Week 4 Environmental Analysis Topic Selection and Outline -The Chipko Movement

SCI 256 Week 4 Environmental Analysis Topic Selection and Outline  University of Phoenix People, Science and the Environment     Select a topic for the team’s Environmental Analysis Presentation, due in Week Five.   Create a brief outline indicating how you will complete the presentation. Include the resources you will use to complete the assignment. […]

Project Planning Powerpoint

Refer to the business information system proposed in week 1 power point presentation(attached). In this presentation, starting with the context diagram, draw additional data flow diagrams (DFDs) that are necessary to represent all of the details of the proposed system.    The format of your PowerPoint presentation should be:  Slide 1: Title of PowerPoint, Course, Instructor, Date Submitted, […]

Organizational Diagnosis

Review “Managing Transformation at National Computer Operations (NCO)” on pages 70-73 of the course textbook. How could Finnvold conduct an organizational diagnosis that might begin his implementation? Comment on NCO’s readiness for complex change and two ways you might ensure mutual engagement if you were in Finnvold’s position. Cite ideas from Chapter 3.   Spector, B. […]

Technology Proposal

   As the head of a department, you have been tasked to do a proposal for a technology based implementation in order to, improve functionality, save cost or increase the security for a particular area of the company. This implementation can be something your current place of employment needs or a made-up “what if” scenario […]

This is a homework question I am doing, but it doesn’t mention how to use for the percentage of sales?

This is a homework question I am doing, but it doesn’t mention how to use for the percentage of sales? So I’m not sure how to calculate the variable for current assets and accounts payable TCC had sales for the year ended 12/31/15 of $50 million. The firm follows a policy of paying all net earnings […]

Risks, Benefits, and Diagnosis

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read the required chapters from the text and review the required articles for this week. The risk-benefit calculation for any drug assumes a correct diagnosis of the disorder. Many investigators and clinicians feel the current epidemic of child psychiatric disorders is largely due to inappropriate diagnosis. Evaluate the […]

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