4 page political science paper

Category: Literature


Link the readings and dig into them and pull out the concepts and arguments that over lap and are most important. How and why are they convincing? How can they be strengthened? What questions do they generate?. You are allowed to link it to relevant scholarship that we may not have covered in class if you are motivated to do so. Papers will be graded on the following standards: • Use of language and writing • Organization of paper and format of essay • Consistency and use of logic • Use of literature (is it clear you read and critically engaged with the readings chosen) • Conceptual formulation • Substantive value (I don’t want a summary of the readings) • Originality • Depth of scholarship

Crenshaw, Kimberle. (1995). Mapping the Margins: Intersectionality, Identity Politics, and Violence Against Women of Color. Stanford Law Review : http://multipleidentitieslgbtq.wiki.westga.edu/file/view/crenshaw1991.pdf

Hawkesworth, Mary. (2003). Congressional Enactments of Race-Gender: Toward a Theory of Raced-Gendered Institutions. American Political Science Review: 


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