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Category: Literature


Directions: Please provide a short -essay answer (minimum 3-5 complete sentences) for each question. 




  1. Why are the terms “Hispanic” & “Latino” viewed by some as problematic? 


  2. Contrast three major differences between the Spanish and the British conquest of the Americas, in regards to their relationship with the Native populations.  How does this history impact Latino identity?



  1. Recount the geopolitics that occurred that caused the residents of former Spanish colonies to view the US as an occupying power.


  2. The events to which the previous question refers to led to a need to retain and/or rebuild particular Latino cultures in resistance to Anglo hegemony in the US – what role did literature play in this resistance? 


Contrast the early decades of the 20th century to the 2nd half (1960s+) in regards to Latinos in the United States and Latino literature.

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