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Write 6-8 page argumentative research paper on the happiness in marriage. Research paper must contain 8 sources total (4 which come from school database). I’ve already found some sources but you need to find more. The thesis statement and topic sentences are already done for you. Majority of the paper is done. Find more sources and quotes. Each paragraph should have 5 quotes with 4 different sources!! 


Under each topic sentence are quotes to support the topic sentences (except for paragraph 3 which I wasn’t able to find any sources to support, this paragraph can actually be taken out and replaced with another intervention). Please fit each quote within the body paragraphs that they belong put them in order make the paper sound good. If you need a better understanding please don’t hesitate to ask questions. See attachments below to see how to build the quotes inside the paragraph. This is my final paper and I need a passing grade please don’t wait until the last minute to complete it. 

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