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1. Which of the following are reasons for maintaining state information between different visits to a Web site with cookies?
Web page customization based on user preferences
Shopping carts that store order information for commercial Web sites
Counters to keep track of how many times a user has visited a site
All of the above

2. Which of the following attributes should best be omitted when working with client-side JavaScript?

3. Netscape developed _____ to encrypt data and transfer it across a secure connection.
Secure Sockets Layer
Secure Information Transfer
Secure Data Encryption

4. Cookies can be temporary or:

5. The most important part of the DOM is the Document object.

6. DHTML 4.0 is the current standard approved by W3C.

7. Which of the following is a method that will allow you to create simple animations?
setTime( )
setInterval( )
setAnimate( )
setTimeInterval( )

8. Through the _____ object, you can access other objects that represent elements on a Web page.

9. The _____ property of the Image Object is described as a name assigned to an element.

10. Which of the following is a property that has a Boolean value?


1. You can simulate dynamism with:
hypertext links
the <img> element
the <animate> element
the image property of the Document object

2. Some older browsers do not display any content in a new window until you execute the _____ method.
open( )
close( )
write( )
writeln( )

3. The write( ) and writeln( ) methods cannot be used to change content after a Web page has been rendered.

4. Which of the following can be used to change content after a Web page has loaded?
write( ) method
writeln( ) method
title property
URL property

5. A technique for eliminating multiple downloads of the same file is called _____.
image storing
image holding
image caching
image persistency

6. To be certain that all images are downloaded into the cache at the appropriate time, you should use the _____ event handler of the Image object.

7. In order to eliminate erratic loading and slow moving animations, use _____.
image holding
image storing
image caching

8. The DOM represents the Web page displayed in a window.

9. Images are cached using the _____ constructor of the Image object.
Src( )
Cache( )
Image( )
URL( )

10. Image storing temporarily stores image files in memory on a local computer.

1. Verbal irony occurs in a story when
A. what is said is the opposite of what is meant.
B. the writer uses rhyme to tell the story.
C. the central idea contradicts the title.
D. the drama has a happy ending.

2. In a story or play, the force that’s in conflict with the protagonist may be another person, an aspect of the physical or social environment, or even a destructive force within the protagonist’s own self. This conflicting force is referred to as the
A. antithesis.
B. antagonist.
C. minor character.
D. paradox.

3. In an allegory, there’s a
A. protagonist who fails to achieve what he or she sets out to do.
B. surprise ending based on ironic circumstances.
C. second meaning to the surface action.
D. conflicting force to deal with.

4. The rising action of a typical short story
A. usually includes some form of irony.
B. is a series of events before the climax.
C. illustrates the character of the protagonist.
D. describes the surrounding environment.

5. Some writers are accused of using sentimentality to elicit a reaction in their readers. Sentimentality can be described as
A. dramatic irony.
B. internal rhyme.
C. denouement.
D. contrived emotion.

6. Which one of the following phrases contains a simile?
A. With the snow blowing into his face (“Hunters in the Snow”)
B. The stump of a lightning-charred tree (“The Most Dangerous Game”)
C. My skin like an undercooked barley pancake (“Everyday Use”)
D. Standing up at a jaunty angle (“A Good Man Is Hard to Find”)

7. A particular character’s inherent nature, along with external _______, will cause her to behave as she does.
A. personification
B. irony
C. narration
D. motivation

8. You’ve probably read at least one story that pulled you in and kept you reading until the very end. The quality in a good story that makes you eager to know what happens next and how the story will end is referred to as
A. irony.
B. structure.
C. sentimentality.
D. suspense

9. Readers are sometimes asked to paraphrase a poem or story. In other words, they’re asked to retell the poem or story so that they understand the theme of the work. What is meant by theme?
A. The character’s point of view
B. The context of the story or poem
C. The rising action and climax of the work
D. The central insight of the work

10. In a short story, the falling action can be described as the
A. turning point of a plot.
B. unresolved conflict.
C. section between the climax and the conclusion.
D. beginning plot manipulation.

11. If you were to diagram the plot of a story, the climax would be
A. part of the rising action.
B. part of the falling action.
C. the beginning.
D. the high point.

12. As opposed to flat characters, who have only one or two traits, round characters
A. are stereotyped.
B. are complex and many-sided.
C. remain the same throughout the story.
D. serve as the protagonists.

13. In “Everyday Use,” why does Dee ask for the churn top?
A. She wants to learn to churn.
B. She knows her sister wants it, too.
C. She wants to use it as a centerpiece.
D. She considers it part of her heritage.

14. What pronoun would be used for the narrator(s) of a story such as “A Rose for Emily,” which is written in the first-person, plural point of view?
A. I
B. You
C. We
D. He

15. In the dramatic point of view, the author
A. writes in the first person.
B. records but can’t interpret what he or she records.
C. speaks through only one character.
D. uses stream of consciousness.

16. The plot of a commercial work of fiction is typically
A. ambiguous.
B. tragic.
C. fast-paced and entertaining.
D. designed to make readers think.

17. As Rainsford is swimming toward Ship-Trap Island in “The Most Dangerous Game,” he hears a scream, which foretells events to come. What is the scream?
A. The general when he loses his dog Lazarus
B. A jaguar being killed
C. A man killing a dog
D. A man being killed by General Zaroff

18. Which of these stories uses the dramatic point of view?
A. “Hunters in the Snow”
B. “The Most Dangerous Game”
C. “Bartleby the Scrivener”
D. “A Rose for Emily”

19. In the story “Interpreter of Maladies,” why did Mr. Kapasi begin to work as an interpreter in the doctor’s office?
A. He wished to console his wife.
B. He enjoyed meeting new people.
C. His work at the grammar school wasn’t satisfying.
D. He was saving money to become a diplomat.

20. Suspense is provided in “The Most Dangerous Game” by
A. Zaroff’s recognizing Rainsford’s name from his book on snow leopards in Tibet.
B. Zaroff’s background in Russia.
C. Whitney’s talk of the reputation of Ship-Trap Island.
D. the sound of the sea breaking on the rocky shore.

21. In the story “Roman Fever,” why does Mrs. Slade send Mrs. Ansley a forged letter?
A. To test if Mrs. Ansely loves Delphin
B. To test her fiancé
C. To get Mrs. Ansley out of the way for a while
D. To kill Mrs. Ansley

22. In Faulkner’s story “A Rose for Emily,” what happens to Homer Barron?
A. Emily poisons him.
B. He dies of natural causes.
C. He deserts her.
D. He marries her secretly.

23. Who is the speaker in the short story “Everyday Use”?
A. Mama
B. Maggie
C. Dee
D. A disinterested person

24. In “Everyday Use,” why doesn’t Dee want the quilts her mother offers her?
A. They’re machine stitched.
B. They belong to her sister.
C. She thinks her mother is offering them only because Maggie doesn’t want them.
D. They incorporate pieces of clothing pieces that belonged to her grandmother.

25. Melville’s “Bartleby the Scrivener” is written from a/an _______ point of view.
A. first-person
B. omniscient
C. limited third-person
D. objective

26. In the story “A Worn Path,” old Aunt Phoenix wears an apron made of sugar sacks. This piece of clothing indicates that she
A. is frugal.
B. is extravagant.
C. cares for her grandson.
D. is poor.

27. In “The Most Dangerous Game,” Rainsford finds on his first night with General Zaroff that his bedroom door won’t open. This situation is an example of
A. rising action.
B. situational irony.
C. allegory.
D. falling action.

28. In “Bartleby the Scrivener” on page 599, the narrator at first thinks he’s overhearing a discussion about
A. the stock market.
B. Bartleby.
C. election day.
D. a horse race.

29. The title of the story “Roman Fever” is an example of
A. a symbol.
B. an allegory.
C. verbal irony.
D. situational irony.

30. In “Hunters in the Snow,” Frank doesn’t change very much through the course of the story. Therefore, he might best be described as a
A. stock character.
B. developing character.
C. stereotype.
D. static character.

1) For which of the following businesses would a process cost system be appropriate? 

a. Auto repair service

b. Paint manufacturer

c. Specialty printer

d. Custom furniture manufacturer



2) In a process cost system, the amount of work in process inventory is valued by: 

a. finding the sum of all open job costs

b. allocating departmental costs between completed and partially completed units

c. multiplying units in ending inventory by the direct materials cost per unit

d. all of the above



3) In a process cost system, the cost of completed production in Department A is transferred to Department B by which of the following entries? 

a. Debit Work in Process–Dept. B; credit Work in Process–Dept. A.

b. Debit Work in Process–Dept. B; credit Finished Goods–Dept.A.

c. Debit Work in Process–Dept. B; credit Cost of Goods Sold–Dept. A.

d. Debit Finished Goods; credit Work in Process–Dept. B.

1) The four steps necessary to determine the cost of goods completed and the ending inventory valuation in a process cost system are: 

1. allocate costs to transferred and partially completed units

2. determine the units to be assigned costs

3. determine the cost per equivalent unit

4. calculate equivalent units of production 

The correct ordering of the steps is: 

a. 2,4,3,1

b. 4,2,3,1

c. 2,3,4,1

d. 2,3,1,4



2) If Department H had 500 units, 60% completed, in process at the beginning of the period, 6,000 units were completed during the period, and 600 units were 30% completed at the end of the period, what was the number of equivalent units of production for the period if the first-in, first-out method is used to cost inventories? 

a. 7,100

b. 5,980

c. 6,380

d. 5,880

Department A had 4,000 units in work in process that were 75% completed as to labor and overhead at the beginning of the period, 30,000 units of direct materials were added during the period, 32,000 units were completed during the period, and 2,000 units were 40% completed as to labor and overhead at the end of the period. All materials are added at the beginning of the process. The first-in, first-out method is used to cost inventories.



3) The number of equivalent units of production for conversion costs for the period was:

a. 31,800

b. 29,800

c. 33,800


d. 32,000

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