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You are to write a 5 page research paper for a history class. The thesis is already given. What I need is the annotated bibliography and the paper. The annotated bibliography must have at least one primary and two secondary sources. You are to summarize and assess the sources in the annotated bibliography. The sources must be scholarly. This excludes textbooks, movies, documentaries, peer-review articles. Remember this is a research paper.


The Girondins and the Jacobins were the two political groups that were fighting for power during the French Constitutional Monarchy. Both groups had their own ideology of how France should be ran and they executed these views differently. The Jacobins being more radical than the Girondins. Slightly before this, King Louis XVI and his family tried to escape to Austria to plan with the Austrian army against the revolutionaries, but were caught. As a result, France had to pull the National Assembly together to form the Constitution of 1791, which created the constitutional monarchy or the limited monarchy. Because of the Constitution, King Louis had to answer to a new Legislative Assembly. In that new assembly, separations were formed between the Girondins and the Jacobins. Although both wanted to reform the monarchy, the Jacobins were more violent and forceful in pushing out the king, while the Girondins wanted the constitutional monarch to stay. This paper will discuss how their class differences, geographical backgrounds, group principles, and aggressive behavior caused the Reign of Terror.



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