AAC Automating Appraiser Disciplinary Action Search for Super Awesome Lending Essay

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Automating Appraiser Disciplinary Action Search for Super Awesome Lending


Super Awesome Lending is a client of Neostella and wants to automate a manual process they have for managing the panel of appraisers who complete assignments for their organization.

As-Is Process

Every day a team member of Super Awesome Lending goes to the asc.gov website and searches for new Disciplinary Actions that may impact their existing team members. The process involves going to the Find an Appraiser Search page, querying each of their appraisers, and searching for new disciplinary actions that may impact their ability to perform assignments. Super Awesome Lending has 50 appraisers on their panel in two states, Wisconsin and Illinois, and this task takes the team member an hour to complete.

Search page:


To-Be Process

ASC.Gov has an API that can be used to access appraiser information. Super Awesome Lending would like to replace the current manual process with a robotic process that searches for appraiser disciplinary action for their appraisers.

Link to SOAP API: https://www.asc.gov/wsvc/ASCQuerySvc.asmx?op=RunQuery


Design a process that will search the ASC.Gov API to obtain appraiser information.

Use visio or Lucidchart etc for the drawing of the as is and to be process as well

Summarize your understanding of the scenario

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