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Company Background

ZYZ is a leading provider in the mortgage space, they have over 1 million customers that they deal with.

ZYZ’s services span mostly the mortgage space between lenders and sellers alike. Within their company they have many mundane data entry tasks that occur on a daily basis, whilst employees have not complained they would like to help clear these tasks so employees can better use their time.

As a part of this the CTO has taken charge and wants to begin incorporating RPA into their internal process’s. He wants to keep a close eye on the project whilst delegating it to a manager to help the project move where he cannot dedicate as much time. They are both at the same experience level of RPA. The CTO’s division looks after all things IT at the company, be it software or hardware systems.


For some time ZYZ has been wanted to streamline their Auto Copy process as it’s a mundane task and the user has complained that they have to deal with a slow system spending 2-3 hours a day to get 200+ files completed. The task is repetitive and can be run at anytime of the day once a day but it prevents other tasks in the process from being completed if it isn’t done.

The organization is keen to work through this quickly so that they can show the benefits of RPA to their company. The process is easy and straight forward however there are key things that must be checked before a file is completed out in the process. They have concerns on if the bot being created will be able to handle this.

The only direction they have given so far is “We would like the bot to run efficiently and quickly, we would like it to be accurate in its steps whilst ensuring any issues that arise are dealt with appropriately”.

Questions to discuss in the interview:

  • Q: What are the basic requirements of this project?
  • Q: What potential blockers or constraints/hinderances do you see to this process?
  • Q: Who would you expect at the meeting for the process walkthrough and why?
  • Q: What would you do to help kerb any anxiety the client has about RPA and their first process?
  • Q: How would you present the solution to the client
  • Q: summarize or explain the scenario on how you understand it briefly

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