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Thinking about Modern American History: You are a journalist (present day) investigating something everyone is talking about that is relevant to Modern American History, asking yourself some thought provoking questions:

When should we define the modern period of American history and why? What kind of evidence could I include in a newspaper article to convince, compel, and persuade my readers. Are you going to discuss any major themes such as the economy, culture, society, technology, and so on.

This is an open writing exercise that is aimed to get you all thinking about sources and evidence. Justify your argument with some examples of both primary and secondary sources, and why you feel they would be relevant in defining what Modern American History is and when it should begin. If you would like to include pictures in your write-up, that is not a bad idea. Please provide at least one example of both a primary and secondary source.

Write-Ups should be at least 250 words.

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