American society

Category: History


Question 1


If someone told you (a) Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are a model minority, and (b) Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders belong to a single Asian American culture, what do you say to them to convince them both statements are misconceptions-due 07-26-17


Question 2


What is post-racialism? Although such tolerance has come a long way since the 1950s, what more could be done to bring the United States to a completely “post-racial” society? Is this even possible


due 07-27-17


Question 3


How does census influence racism?-due 28-17


Question 4


How can identifying individuals by race influence racism? Due 07-29-17


These are only dq questions only need 100 to 150 words please answer in your own words not like writing a paper


Please question number under each answer


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