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Part I:  TERMS — on the quiz, you will be given five (5) of the following 10, and will write on two (2) of those.  Write a short essay describing the context for, definition of, and significance/after-effect of each item, in terms of 17th-century (1600s) English-American colonial history:



the Virginia Company of London, 1606-1624

the “starving time”, 1609-1610


Bermuda, 1609+


headrights vs. indentured servitude, 1618-1690s


the “Mayflower Compact”, Nov. 1620


Squanto, d. 1622


Puritans (1570s+ in general, 1629+ to Massachusetts Bay Colony)

Rhode Island Colony, fd. 1644


indenture vs. slavery


anti-miscegenation law, 1691-1967




Part II:  ESSAY:  Compare and contrast the two types of English colonies in the Chesapeake (Jamestown/Virginia, 1607+), and New England (Plymouth, 1620+, and Massachusetts Bay, 1629+).  

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