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According to a study 70 and 85 percent of women in the U.S. are confronted with a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome choose abortion. There are “amniocentesis” testing that can be done to determine if a baby may have Down syndrome.  The problem with this testing is that even though it’s 99% accurate there is a possibility of miscarriage. Because amniocentesis can endanger the lives of unborn children, this testing should be banned. Many soon to be parents may become upset if these changes were to happen. There are some who may say this is my body, and I have the right to know if my child will be born with any learning disabilities. Others may feel this testing will help prepare there medically and emotionally.


*Need two sources*

1.   Identify precisely who will oppose the change you desire


2.        Put faces and names to vague notions of “ they” and “them.” Phrases like, “There are some who say that… .” have no place in formal academic writing.  Who are these people?  Why do they speak as they do and in what contexts have they spoken?  Lastly, why do they believe as they do?

3.  Discuss the oppositional arguments your opponents will use against you.  How will they seek to discredit your stance/s? 

4. Share the arguments and/or proposals you will use to counter such opposition. 

You may structure your assignment in standard essay form or address each of these points individually with a cohesive summary of your thoughts as a conclusion.  Your answers should be significantly developed with supporting evidence (where appropriate).

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