Analysis of Pollution Discussion


Compare and Contrast the Donora 1948 and the London Smog 1952. Then talk specifically about what has been done to ensure that something like this never happens again? In Clairton PA, what is your opinion on this situation? How would you go about educating the Workers and what information would you share with them? What impact does the Union have on this situation and how would you address this? Is it possible the the Residents of Clairton PA do not want to know if there is a pollution problem? What is your approach to deal with this ?

I have not yet set a “minimum number of words” requirement on Post and Replies , for now I will ask you write a Solid Post that Contributes to the Learning process.

Use these videos attached below:

Clairton, PA 2017

Donora PA 1948

London Smog 1952

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