Analytical paper. epic of gilgamesh

Category: Literature

analytical paper of 1500 to 2000 words

Using the core value of personal development as a jumping off point,

the *decision* you are asked to make for this written assignment is this: Decide how a major

character in Epic of Gilgamesh transformed himself or herself from the beginning of the

narrative to the end. You may explain this transformation with the language of the Hero’s journey,

(e.g., departure phase, initiation phase, return phase), or you may use another technique such as

identifying three or more character traits that improved throughout the course of the narrative.

Conversely, you may approach the idea of personal development as a negative slide downward, if

that is something you see. For example, you might note three or more ways that a character

“developed” or devolved, on a personal level, into a much more negative and less functional being as

s/he progressed throughout his or her journey. However, once your decision is made—it will be in the

form of a thesis statement.


Structure of Thesis:


In nationality name of author (birth/date year)’s genre _title of text_ (date of publication),

name of character exemplifies/disregards the core value of personal development in the

following three ways: way/place/event 1, way/place/event 2, and way/place/event 3.


Sample Thesis:


In Canadian Jackie Rich’s (1901-84) novella, It Happened Suddenly, One Autumn (1956), Angelica,

the protagonist, demonstrates the SLU Core Value of personal development in three key ways. The

first was when she was presented the challenge of helping her old neighbor carry his packages up

the stairs of their flat; sarcasm is her default reaction, but she keeps her remarks to herself about

his statue of Ganesh. Angelica’s second sign of restraint—evidence of growth—is when she eats

the rotten-smelling kimchi prepared by her brother’s fiancée at their house. Finally, she reports her

boyfriend Curtis, the disgruntled postman who steals magazines from the tenants who are away on

vacation, thus showing that some new stage of emotional maturity had taken place in the character

since the beginning of the narrative



Personal Development
Saint Leo University stresses the development of every person’s mind, spirit, and body for a balanced life. All members of the Saint Leo University community must demonstrate their commitment to personal development to help strengthen the character of our community.


You will need to begin your essay, somewhere after the thesis statement, with an exact

definition of the SLU Core Value you will be using in your essay. (Also what it means to you)


Your will be responsible for explaining, with CITED quoted passages and CITED paraphrased examples from the text, (at least) three ways in which one of the SLU Core Values isexemplified, or, violated/disregarded, by one of the primary characters. Each item of support listed inroadmap/blue print section of your thesis statement, must be represented as the opening topicsentence for each of your supporting body paragraphs, i.e., the “P.” or “Point” portion of the P.I.E.paragraph structure mode. 

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