Answer the 7 questions about american history 1865

Category: History

ALL ANSWER MUST BE FULL SENTENCES AND AT LEAST ONE PARAGRAPH LONG. you can search information in: ( american history 1865


1. Compare and constrast the way that THREE northen colonies were founded.


2.Describe the role that slavery playes in the settlement of at least TWO southern colonies.


3.Describe the events of april, 1775 in detailm including any consequences. 


4.Compare and contrast at least THREE battles of the American Revolution.


5.Discuss the goals of the Federalist and the Anti Federalist, including any changes to the constitution which resulted controversy. 


6.Describe the basics principles of American government, including the way Presidents are elected, and the ideas behind the concept of the separation of powers.


7.Explain at least TWO foreign policy and TWO domestic issues that John Adams encountered as President. 

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