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You have received the results of six API 20e test strips and you are to identify each organism.

The following picture gives you the typical positive and negative results.

Use the following blank to for developing the code for each of the organisms:

More blanks follow at the end of this document.

Text Box: Record positive or negative ResultsAs an example, the following gives an example of how to fill in the blank for developing the code.

Text Box: Score the positive results only 1,2, or 4 pts.

Here is a table of organisms and their codes:


Organism Name

Code #



E. coli

5144572 or 5044500


Ent. agglmerans



Edw. hoshinae



Kleb. pneumoniae



Salmonella species



Proteus vulgaris



Pseudomonas aeruginosa


Use the above information to report on a separate submission to Canvas:

1. The code

2. The organism

Sample 1


Sample 2


Sample 3


Sample 4

Sample 5


Sample 6


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