APUS WK 6 The Valuation Principles of The Acquisition Method Discussion

Category: Nursing


In this discussion, please reflect on the previous weeks’ topics.  Choose a topic you found to be difficult or hard to understand.  Research this topic and present your findings.  Include a summary of the topic, why you found the topic to be difficult, and what you learned after conducting the research. I WILL FIND A TOPIC LATER

Choose one of the following for your main post:

  1. Differentiate between the software concepts of operating systems, application programs, utility programs, and programming languages.
  2. Define the term information systems life cycle and explain its application in project management.
  3. Describe the functionalities of an electronic health record.

W6: Research and Discussion

Research and discuss a disease or disorder (in detail) affecting one or both of the systems (eyes, ears & integumentary system) we are examining this week. Be sure to begin with the name of disease or disorder – break it down into its component parts. Continue with the symptoms. Finally, how is the disease or disorder treated and what is its prognosis? Check before posting to ensure that you are not discussing a disease or disorder that someone has already chosen.

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