Art History Essay

Category: History

Both of these artworks were made to bring about a greater awareness regarding issues of poverty and the socio/economic hardhsips that most people lived under during the early part of the 20th Century. Gustave Courbet’s “The Stonebreakers” (1849) and Lewis Hine’s “Leo, 48 Inches high, Picks up bobbins at 15 cents a day” (1908) freeze a moment in time and focus on the specificity of labor as a means of speaking to the inequality and unfair working conditions in which these people lived. In a 1000 word essay, (with 3 citations and bibliography — see video on Chicago Manual of Style) How do the artists use color and space to further emphasize the underlying message of these images. (please note, Leo by Hine is a photograph and Courbet’s image is a painting)

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