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Answear each quation one full paragraph or more


chose one from quation 1


1)What does iconography mean?  What is the iconography of some of the free-standing Stele you have learned in this Module?  Remember the singular form of Stele is Stela.


1)In this week’s Module you learned about different theories discussed by scholars that have formed the formation and demise of the Mayan civilization.  What are some of those theories?  Please be as specific and descriptive as possible.


2)In this week’s Module we have discussed rulers and their imagery.  Please select one example from the topics we have discussed, either a Mask a or piece of architecture and discuss what you have learned based on the object all by itself.  This will require you to pay close attention to visual characteristics of the object or the lay-out, and or structure of the temple.


3)How does the Mural at Bonampak inform us of the power practiced in the Mayan society?  Discuss some of the poses, hierarchy and visual techniques used by the artists.  When discussing techniques, pay close attention to the colors, garments, the division of the composition to different registers.  What does all that mean in terms of evoking and communicating the sense of political power.

(This are the only sites that can be use no google answars please)

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