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Identify, contextualize, and comparatively analyze these two pieces of art :
1) Madonna with the long neck by Parmigianino Style movement – Mannerism

2)Madonna Of Meadow by Rafael Style : High Renaissance

Craft an introduction that gives your reader the WHAT and the WHY.
a) What? What are you comparing? What are you contrasting? Your introduction will include information about both works, indicating as fully as possible the following:
i. Identify the name of the artist and name or title of each of the works of art you have selected (keep
in mind that these pieces need to be from two different time or style periods covered in this course).
ii. Identify the style movement or period of time
and the closest date for each work of art selected for
the analysis paper.
iii. Identify the location and origin of the selected works of art you have chosen to analyze.
b) Why? Defend your chosen topic by explaining why the two pieces should be compared (in terms of
their significance to the time period, the cultural and historical context of the work[s], or the importance of the works to the development of art). What do you hope your readers will gain through your comparison?
II. Include a brief background and analysis of the works.
In the body of your paper, as you compare and contrast the works, make sure to provide the following information for each work of art:
a) How does this work relate to its style movement and historical context?
b) How does the piece express the visual and thematic features of its style period?
c) Support your ideas with your objective observations on the work and what it reveals about the style movement and time period in which it was created.
III. Compare and contrast the works.
a) Identify the visual similarities and differences between the two works.
b) Explain why the similarities and differences are important and how they relate to the style movements of the pieces. . Your analysis should reflect further understanding of key course concepts and language used in the analysis of art history and the humanities.
IV. Include a brief reflection on your study of the humanities through your analysis.
a) How does your analysis reflect your own study of the humanities? What did you learn about yourself,
other cultures, and other time periods through the study of these artistic artifacts?
b) How can the study of visual art, music, architecture, and other art forms help you in your own
professional field or in your personal life? What is the value of humanities to you?
V. Sign off with a strong conclusion.Use your conclusion to revisit what you have illustrated throughout your paper about the significance of
your analysis and make a strong statement that emphasizes your main thesis and sums up your
response to these two works.

Guidelines for Submission:
The final essay should follow these formatting guidelines: Use of at least two
appropriate research sources for each piece of art,4 pages, double spacing, 12-point Times New
Roman font, one-inch margins, and MLA citations.

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