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Assignment 3 – Numbers

Assignment due on Thursday Feb 1st. 10 hours from now

For this assignment make sure you use the correct number of significant figures and the correct conversion factors.

You can upload a scan of an easy to read solution.

1.  Blood plasma is prepared and the density is checked for safety. It should be 1.025 g/cc ± 2%. The volume and mass of the prepared plasma is measured to be 100. ml ± 3% and 3.53 oz ± 1%. Calculate the density and the uncertainty in the measurement and determine if it safe to use. (Density= mass/volume)

2. You are building a tank with a radius of 3’5” (3 feet 5 in) ±0.5” and a height of 8.5’ ± 2”. What is the volume and its uncertainty that the tank will hold? Give your answer in cubic feet and then convert both the measurement and its uncertainty to m3

(Volume of a cylinder = Area x height =  2p radius x height )

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