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Category: History

Freedom has many meanings. Throughout our course we have discussed the different perspectives of freedom from the frontier era to today. What did freedom mean to these Tennesseans? How did it mean different things to different people? Can we discuss “freedom” in singular terms? Be sure to look at the groups of people who have often been marginalized from an overarching historical narrative. Drawing your information from the four main periods we have studied this summer (Frontier Era, Antebellum/Civil War Era, Reconstruction/New South Era, and 20th Century), explain your answer in essay form (approx. 750 words). Be sure to demonstrate your point with evidence (primary source material) drawn from course materials. Your essay should include an introductory paragraph which includes a strong thesis statement, four body paragraphs (more is o.k.), and a concluding paragraph which wraps up your essay. All essays must be submitted to the course Dropbox by 11:59 pm, Weds., August 7th.**Essays that do not include examples from the documents for each time period we read throughout the course will not be successful. Just as in our discussions, the documents should drive your responses. Avoid including statements (opinions) that are not supported by the evidence. This essay is not the time to state unfounded opinions. Your essay should be well thought and grounded in the documents (evidence). Also, do not paste long quotes to fill your required word count. Quotes are fine, but I want to hear your voice. When you quote, paraphrase, or reference material be sure to cite it. Failure to cite your material is judged as plagiarism and will be dealt with accordingly. Please thoroughly proofread your work excessive grammatical errors will result in a lower grade. Read the question well; answer all the parts of the question just as it is specified. Please let me know if you have questions, I will try to elaborate on the question, but I cannot give you specific information. Remember, this is an exam. Sharing work is not allowed; treat your essay as such. Plagiarism will result in a zero on the exam.

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