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The assignment for this module contains three parts. Respond to all parts of this assignment on one Word document.


1.   Examine the image in Chapter 2, p. 20, of the Immigration: A Documentary and Reference Guide entitled

      “American Citizens!”

•    What measures does this broadside advocate to restrict the rights of immigrants?

•    In what ways were the Nativists’ fears related to religion? (Pay close attention to the words in the signs

held by the immigrants in the picture.)

•    What complaints did the Nativists lodge against the immigrants?      


2.   Watch The Homestead Act and Hard Times for Farmers. Using information from the readings and from

      the video, explain the relationship between immigration and the Homestead Act.


3.   Watch Anniversary of the Irish Potato Famine. Using information from the Immigrant Struggles, Immigrant

      Gifts reading, explain in detail the complex role of the potato as a push factor for Irish immigration to America.

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