ASU Impact of Emerging Technology on Sales Essay

Category: Business & Finance


The purpose of this assignment is to gain exposure to a new/emerging technology that has the potential to dramatically impact sales.

To complete this activity you must complete the following steps:

1) Identify a new/emerging technology that you find interesting

Review the following document Gartner’s Hype Cycle for CRM Technology.pdf and identify one technology in the article that interests you.

Learn more about the technology by reading about it in the article and visiting the website of some of the sample vendors referenced in the article or using other sources about the topic.

2) Prepare a 60-90 second elevator pitch that describes the technology and how companies will benefit

Assume you have a short period of time with a sales manager who’s looking to improve how they sell

Describe the technology (in simple terms) and highlight how this will benefit the sales manager.

3) Submit a word document containing your elevator pitch

4) Come to class prepared to share your pitch!

You must submit your pitch and present in class to receive full credit!

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