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Your student portfolio is essentially a synthesis, summary of, or selection of key points drawn from the practice assignments. However, you will focus on a topic that is of interest to you, not necessarily the topic you wrote about in the practice assignments. Most likely this will be some variation of policy analysis (P3), that addresses stakeholders (P1) and explains why this is important to you (P2) . Practice assignment 4 is a way for you to think about how to creatively present your student portfolio (e.g., policy analysis) to the class or another chosen audience

The goal: help you to articulate/present a policy issue that matters to you while acknowledging various factors such as constitutional freedoms, stakeholders and perhaps the political system/social context more largely. Practice assignment 4 situates you to best deliver that message in a way that is most likely to be received by your audience (e.g., the class, a lawmaker, social network, your family, etc..)

Practice assignment 4 is designed to help you determine the best way to share your student portfolio by conducting an audience analysis and describing your mode of delivery. Keep in mind, you will base your student portfolio on the practice assignment but this DOES NOT mean you have to reproduce identical information or include all aspects of these assignments in your student portfolio. Instead, pull out key messages and take away and creatively share this with the class or chosen audience. 

Part 1: Conduct an audience analysis by answering the following questions

What is the audience for this presentation? 

What is the specific purpose of the information you are sharing? 

In choosing a specific purpose, how can you narrow the topic so it will be appropriate to this audience?

Demographic audience analysis: What considerations are required considering audience factors such as: 

  • age 
  • religion/beliefs  
  • racial, ethnic, and cultural background 
  • gender identity 
  • group membership 
  • other (specify)  

Situational audience analysis: What special adaptation could accommodate

  • audience size 
  • response to the physical setting 
  • knowledge about the topic 
  • interest level in the topic 
  • attitude toward the topic 
  • disposition toward the speaker 

Part 2: Describe how you will reach your audience. 

What mode of delivery do you believe will best accommodate given these demographic and situational considerations? This might include (but is not limited to): a professional report, a visualization or dashboard, a website, blog, video presentation or dedicated social media page or podcast. 

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