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Benchmark Assessment
How’s My Child Doing? Assessment and Communicating With Parents
1) Create a multimedia presentation outlining the five areas of assessment for young children.
2) Explain how technology can be used to assist in the process of assessment and progress monitoring.
3) Describe a formal standardized testing instrument that could be used to assess young children in each of these five domains.
4) Design and describe a minimum of three types of informal measures or activities that can be used to evaluate and measure student progress. Include these in a lesson plan using the EEI format on the College of Education’s page in the Student Success Center.
5) Develop and convey the process for communicating both formal and informal assessments to parents. Describe how you would engage parents in assessing their children’s learning.

Your principal is stocking the office with informational material for parents.
Using Microsoft Word or Publisher, create a pamphlet providing ideas and activities for families to support their children’s academic, emotional, social, and psychological well-being at various stages of development between birth and 3rd grade.
Include a rationale statement regarding the important impact of parents on their children’s progress.
Design a questionnaire to be used as a self-check and support for parents to promote engagement with their children.


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