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Figure 13.8& 16 will help you answer this question.

Once a phage infects bacteria, there are two options; lytic lifestyle, or lysogenic lifestyle. Answer the following questions below in your own words:

a)     Why are there two possible lifestyles for phage DNA: lytic or lysogenic? Is there an advantage to either lifestyle?

b)    Give an explanation on how CI and Cro genes products (proteins) are involved in the response from the lysogenic to the lytic cycle.

c)     What is the role of the CI protein? Why must there be a dimer? Would a monomer of CI be sufficient in the role of the regulation of the lytic lifestyle?


Question 2

Figure 13.6 will help you answer this question.

Explain how each subunit in hemoglobin is necessary for the binding of oxygen. In your explanation include: how iron plays a role in the structure of hemoglobin (specifically when iron is moved within the heme group), and how the 4 protein subunits all respond at the same time to the binding of oxygen.

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