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 This week is an introduction to the Black Power movement. It’s a good idea to read the selections from Huey P. Newton’s autobiography first (under “files”). There are a handful of chapters, and I advise you to read them in order. Also please watch the two Eyes on the Prize segments. The first is about Malcolm X. Please also watch them in order, noting Malcolm X’s influence on the founding of the Black Panther Party. 


I’m not going to lay out specific questions for this week, so please bring up topics you’d like to discuss.  It would be helpful if the first few folks to post gave a simple title to your thread like “Patrolling” or “Ten Point Program” or “Revolutionary Suicide.” Others should post your thoughts under an ongoing topic (you will be able to see other people’s posts before you post this week). If you don’t see the topic you’d like to address, just add a thread. Like I said, please pick something that interests you. You MUST use both the readings and the films in your discussion. You should also work hard to include quotes that have not been used by another person in the same thread. It’s fine to relate these materials to current events, but if you do so, please do not generalize. Please provide a link to wherever you’re getting your information.

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