BSC 1005 Florida State College Life in its Biological Environment Discussion


Here is the first discussion question thats needed Discussion: Diversity in BacteriaNo unread replies.11 reply.DirectionsThere are many factors that contribute to the large diversity within bacteria. There are certain factors that allow for increased diversity in bacteria when compared to humans. The following factors contribute to the large diversity found within bacteria. Please pick one for your discussion board:A high mutation rateTransductionTransformationFast life cyclePlease answer the following questions as they relate to the factor you select:Define the factor in your own wordsDescribe how this particular factor allows for increased diversity within bacteria.Compare bacteria and humans in terms of this factor. Does this process take place in humans as well as bacteria? If so, does it occur at the same rate? Are there any general differences between this process in humans and bacteria?

Here is the 2nd one – one source needed for this one as well. I have also uploaded the document its referencing.DirectionsAfter reading about common misconceptions about evolution (pages 267–269 in your Module 13 readings), choose one of the following misconceptions and explain it in your own words. Use the text or other scientific research to back up your statements and use unique examples to illustrate your points.Individuals evolveOrganisms evolve on purpose

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