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 Step 1:

create : Lollipop Chart to view the most common shapes of a sighting 

Violin Chart to view the bins of duration for a sighting: 

Step 2: 

Word Cloud of submitted summaries for each sighting (D3) : 

Step 3: 

Main web page with navbar (possible separate pages for charts as well)

Main page with a filter for selected dates or locations with a collective chart change

Main Chart on top of screen - Map of locations (Bubble)

(Secondary chart below or beside Bubble: Amchart pictorial )- optional

(This chart will show how many sightings per period selected)

Filtered charts per date or location:

Violin, Lollipop, Word Cloud 

Additionally, you are welcome to create any layout that you would like for your dashboard. An example dashboard is shown below: 


  • Use console.log inside of your JavaScript code to see what your data looks like at each step.
  • Refer to the Plotly.js documentation when building the plots.

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