BUS 4993 SU WK 5 Starbucks Known for Its High Quality Coffee Discussion

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Please respond to the following:

  • Evaluate the business-level strategy of either Starbucks or Lockheed Martin to determine whether you believe the strategy is appropriate to offset forces in the industry. Provide specific examples to support your response.
  • Make recommendations for improving this strategy as well as describing any challenges you foresee in executing those recommendations. Provide specific examples to support your response.
  • Be sure to respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts.

Below are two peer’s discussion post in which I’ll have to provide responses too.

Travis Clarke 

RE: Week 5 Discussion


Starbucks company is selling high quality coffee that lead to their business be successful in the business industry. Starbucks has a good business strategies and competitive advantage. Their business strategy is 5 star in my opinion. One thing they do is position their stores in places where their customers can consider it home away from home and provide effective work and study environments. I can’t tell you the countless interviews that I have seen conducted in these establishments. With stores worldwide they have dominated this market. They have now integrated technology into their various business processes with offerings of customers being able to place their order and pay for it from their app. Now, a customer can now simply walk in the location and pick up their order without having to wait.

I suggest, the Starbucks company will maintain high quality product in order to get loyal customers. I would like to see Starbucks develop a business strategy for non coffee drinkers. Even though they have offerings other than coffee drinkers it seems to be their main focus when marketing. They offer a environment that caters to many different needs and can focus on creating new customers weather you are a coffee drinker or not. In addition, I would recommend adding more quality bakery products. I live near a shopping center that has a  Panera Bread on one side of the street and a Starbucks on the other. I personally, go into Panera Bread to purchase my bakery goods, then I proceed to go across the street and purchase my drink of choice. Having an establishment that offers a great product on both sides would definitely attract new customers.

Lydia Edwards 

RE: Week 5 Discussion

Hello Travis,

I really enjoyed reading your response to this discussion forum. I definitely agree with what you stated about Starbucks selling of high quality coffee that has led to the success of their company! I personally know a lot of loyal Starbucks customers. I find it strange how some people literally stop at Starbucks every single day! I myself am not a coffee drinker whether it is frozen or hot and often when I tell people this they look at me like I am from another planet. Prior to becoming a Starbucks customer was there another establishment that you favored?

Lydia Edwards,

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