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Part 1:

Please respond to the following:

  • * Create a metaphor or analogy that captures the essence of the major lessons learned in the BBA program (e.g., business administration is like . . .).
  • * Discuss the single most interesting or surprising thing you learned in the BBA program, as well as what made it so.

*** Between 50-100 Words ***

Part 2:

Respond to classmate below:

“Business administration is like a seed … it will never grow unless planted and nourished. I can agree with this metaphor because building a business is the seed that you planted and making sure it continues to run smoothly is the nourishing aspect of it all. I learned that in business one must be firm and continue to learn in order to constantly grow with the business. This program has taught me a lot and I am grateful to have learned so much within this program that I tend to use on a daily basis in my career.

I plan to use the lesson that I learned in this program to help me perform my new job duties to the fullest extent of my education. With all of the lessons learned I should be able to perform any job better than ever because I have learned so much.

I believe that 10 years from now this program will be addressing the same or similar issues because those issues will still be happening. For example, ethics will still play a huge roll in this program. Statistics will be a huge part as well because most people do not know how to do accounting, finance, or statistics without the computer program that is downloaded at their job sites. I believe that the main change will be technology because technology is always evolving to become something better, faster and more equipped for the world that we live in.”

*** Under 100 Words *** 

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