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For this paper, we’d like you to focus on a particular aspect or challenge of teaching writing, one perhaps unique to your present teaching situation or, if you have not taught, a topic or challenge related to your future goals as they relate to writing.   For some of you, this is a point where you might reflect on your own “apprenticeship of observation” (i.e., your experiences as a student with various writing teachers), and analyze how, according to the literature on the teaching of writing,  your experience compares to the “received wisdom” of the field. 

Whichever topic or approach you take, what are the unique challenges , complications or problems posed by this aspect?  What does the literature on the teaching of writing have to say in response to what you’ve described? More importantly, how will you respond?  This paper represents an opportunity for you to think deeply about an issue as you analyze and research it.

Please  provide a complete discussion and analysis of your topic.  Because this is intended to be a research-based project, we expect that you will become more familiar with the journals and texts in the teaching of writing as you complete this paper.  Indeed, you will likely do research beyond our class text.  Ideally, you will move logically from a statement of a problem to an analysis and perhaps a solution. 

If you have difficulty arriving at a topic initially, there are  suggestions for topics following certain chapters in the class text The St. Martin’s Guide to Teaching Writing 7th ed., by Glenn and Goldthwaite. Or perhaps your interest was piqued as you began reading/researching for the topic of the  microteaching assignment. (I have attached my MICROTEACHING Lesson Plan, Research Topic in attachments). It is recommended that you use either APA or MLA documentation (depending on your discipline – USE MLA) and that the paper be between 18-21 pages in length.

Finally, be sure to review the rubric of the Capstone Paper at least twice–once before you begin your research and once again as you write your final draft.

I HAVE ALSO attached a SAMPLE Capstone PAPER of Last Semester just for your reference. NOTHING can be copied from here. JUst attaching for you to understand how it has to be done. CHOOSE a Diff topic. PLEASE USE INTEXT CITATIONS AND CITE ALL THE REFERNCES.

FOLLOW EVERY SINGLE instruction. PAPER worth 500 Points out of 1000 points in the whole course.

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